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HEY! Creative & Digital Enabler,

HEY! is a creative agency with significant digital expertise. The agency avails of technical know-how and a multidisciplinary creative team operating in over 18 countries.

HEY! guides you every step of the way.
Our consultants stand by you in establishing your communication strategy, and our project managers manage its operational delivery with our technical and creative team to achieve the desired results. The analysis of the latter allows you to always be a step ahead of the competition.

HEY!, expertise

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Communication and Creative Strategy

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Digital and mobile development

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UX Design

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Digital Media Planning

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A global background in communication

HEY! iBeacon Focus

So what’s this little iBeacon?
It is a little larger than a coin but immensely powerful. When well-placed by the HEY! team, iBeacons communicate with all smartphones within a range of 70 metres.


HEY! chose to invest in Bluetooth technology R&D, notably in the iBeacon.
Why did we choose to do so? iBeacon allows the delivery of the right information to the right person in the right place and at the right time – and does so autonomously.

We will accompany you on the path to  developing your application. Focused equally on the technical and creative strategies, we guide you in the establishment of messages, their editorial content, etc. Our process is above all considered and performance-oriented.

A Bluetooth Low Energy marker. For years HEY! has sourced from across all manufacturers and followed technological innovations in real time in order to offer you the solution best suited to your working environment and your expectations of proximity communication.

HEY! Creative Performance

We distinguish ourselves because of concept. As you are unique your approach must also be so. Effective action must be considered, tailored and unique. This is the very reason why we prioritize the joint thought process to produce a creative concept capable of allowing you to reach your set objectives.


Thereafter we address the appropriate media. The knowledge we’ve acquired allows us today to propose an adapted and coherent cross-media strategy.


Contact us to hear more! We’re ready to show you successful case studies.

HEY! We work with you

HEY ! has built its teams with the aim to accompany you globally. Our contributors have worked with major communication companies and thus offer you global expertise from start to finish.


Design thinking / Pesona / Story telling & copywriting


UX, Digital & Mobile, Print, E-commerce, Motion Design…


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